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Marketplace Superheroes Review (2020): Is It Legit?

Marketplace Superheroes Review (2020): Is It Legit?

Imagine a tool that helps you identify high demand products and build an active Amazon FBA business. Such a tool will be instrumental to success, right? The excellent news is Marketplace Superheroes can do that for you.

MPSH training, or Marketplace Superheroes as it is popularly known, is the comprehensive Amazon FBA program that gives you the training and tools you need to build a successful eCommerce business. It is the platform you need, more than anything, to run a successful global Amazon business from anywhere.

Highlighted Features of Marketplace Superheroes

1. Usefulness

Marketplace Superheroes gives you all the tools needed to scale your business to success. When choosing Marketplace Superheroes, you won’t need to spend on any other eCommerce tools or software. You have it all in one.

Marketplace Superheroes also offers the training you need to build your business empire. MPSH training provides you the step-by-step guide on how to build a successful Amazon FBA business. The training contents are top quality and up to date.

2. Value

At less than a $1000, Marketplace Superheroes gives you the tools you need without having to subscribe to a 3rd party eCommerce tool. The package is a reasonable exchange of money for value.

The training package is priceless. It contains the experience of the two Irish entrepreneurs that wrote it and the compression of their years of failures before they got the keys to how things work.

You are, therefore, getting the years of these guys’ experience in a single training package, which is priceless.

3. Ease Of Use

MPSH course is easy to navigate, user-friendly, and provides you a step-by-step guide to build your business. The training is detailed and organized. It is also segmented into modules for easy access to what you need per time.

4. Support

One of the criteria for choosing any software or platform is the ability to get adequate support whenever you need it. Marketplace Superheroes has a fantastic support system designed to help users navigate and overcome any challenge they might encounter. There is a team of dedicated customer service personnel to assist you.

Is Marketplace Superheroes Good For You?

If you are looking for a direct answer to help you decide if Marketplace Superheroes is the real deal, we have answered the question.

Marketplace Superheroes is the right course for you when you want to build an online business, especially an Amazon FBA business. If you’re ready to put in the effort needed to succeed, you are sure to get the best value for money with Marketplace Superheroes.

We have prepared this review to give you an in-depth look at what Marketplace Superheroes have to offer. Without much ado, let’s dive into it.

Why You Need Marketplace Superheroes?

The decision to start an eCommerce business is easy. However, it takes a lot of input to build the business into an empire. You need little effort to convince modern-day shoppers to shop online because it’s already a custom for an average modern shopper.

Therefore, you need to concentrate on convincing modern-day shoppers to shop with you. You have to put two things in place to achieve this aim. The first thing is the product(s) you offer, while the second is your mode or method of order fulfillment.

The type of product you sell must be relevant to customers and must be high demand. There is virtually no product that is not relevant to people in one way or another. However, the significance of each product differs.

So, while a product is relevant, it could be only to a few people. All things being equal, this type of product will not amount to much for your business. It is, therefore, vital that you seek products that are relevant and in high demand.

You also have to consider a method of order fulfillment that will earn a 5-star rating from your customers. You need an effective order fulfillment method. It determines how fast and healthy your products get delivered to your customers, which can determine how successful your business becomes.

For this reason, many eCommerce business owners use Amazon FBA for their order fulfillment process.

What is Amazon FBA?

marketplace superheroes courses

While several eCommerce platforms such as eBay, Walmart, Apple, etc. are available to online shoppers, Amazon holds the largest share of the market.

Amazon holds up to 46% of the US eCommerce market share. With over 90 million Prime subscribers and 300 million active customers, many modern-day subscribers prefer to shop on Amazon.

Therefore, many online business owners seek to pitch their tent with Amazon. Amazon has designed its platform such that almost anyone can sell items there. They developed the Amazon FBA system to perfect the structure.

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. The FBA concept solved one of the most significant problems in the eCommerce industry: how to make eCommerce simple, quick, and accessible.

If you list your product on Amazon, you do not compulsorily have to use the Amazon FBA network. However, if you choose to, here is how it works;

Step 1: Acquire your product (purchased locally, gotten from manufacturers, made by you, etc. Amazon accepts all)

Step 2: Send the items to Amazon Fulfillment center (Amazon has them in several locations. Use the one closest to you.)

Step 3: Amazon stores and tracks your goods

Step 4: Customer’s orders come in

Step 5: Amazon receives the requests and packages the item for delivery

Step 6: Amazon does the shipping

Step 7: You, as well as the customer, will be able to track the shipment movement until delivery is assured.

Step 8: Amazon manages customer relations and returns (if there is any)

You are practically transferring the entire responsibility over to Amazon, and the Amazon FBA network handles everything smoothly. In summary, the process is for you to sell it, and Amazon ships it. It is that simple to understand.

However, while it sounds simple to understand, the details of the FBA system can be complicated. As a business person, you have to look into ways to maximize profit, but if you don’t know to handle the FBA process, you’ll find that you are losing a large chunk of your profit to the payment of fees and other cost incurred.

For this reason, a little bit of investment in training is not bad. This point is where Marketplace Superheroes becomes very helpful.

What is Marketplace Superheroes?

Anyone who has ever jumped on the Amazon selling bandwagon knows that there is a lot involved. There’s a need to learn how to pick products to sell and how to sell the products.

There are several online courses to help people learn how to build a faster, more productive, and a successful Amazon business. One of the top courses available to you is Marketplace Superheroes.

Marketplace Superheroes (MPSH) is an Amazon private label course that provides a step-by-step guide on how to find low competition high-profit products to sell on Amazon.

It is a conglomerate of teaching tools designed to help minimize your Amazon FBA business failure and maximize your profit. Among other platforms that help you build an Amazon business, MPSH has rapidly grown to become the number 1 platform.

Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers developed the MPSH course. They are not only the developer and teachers of the course, but they are also multimillion-dollar Amazon sellers. Robert Rickey began Amazon selling nearly 20 years ago, and he is said to have generated between $10—$20 million in online sales.

Stephen Somers has seven years of experience in the business. However, things took a better turn for him when he met Robert, who began to mentor him. His partnership with Robert exposed him to the nitty-gritty of running an online business and catapulted him to 7-figure earnings.

Like the famous saying, if you are going to learn, learn from the best. Robert and Stephen are one of the best. Therefore, if you are looking to build your own Amazon FBA business, the MPSH course by Robert and Stephen will guide you through all that is needed to make things work.

A Look inside the MPSH Course

MPSH Review

Marketplace Superheroes (MPSH) course is a 12-module online course designed as comprehensive instructions on how you can make your online business successful.

These modules constitute the MPSH Core 2.0 program of comprehensive and detailed online videos.

The Member Area

Your first look into the member area can be overwhelming with nine different areas, and each has its training section. For example, a click on Core V2 Phase 1 takes you to the genesis of the training with six modules, and each module has 4 to 5 videos.

Marketplace Superheroes (MPSH) is, therefore, a vast training course with all the details you need.

From the member area, there are three main things you have access to;

  • Core 2.0 program: phase 1 and 2 with 12 modules
  • Additional/Bonus
  • Community and support

Let’s look into each part of the program and see what they entail.

MPSH Core 2.0 Program

Phase 1: The Mindset and Research Phase

Phase one is the course’s basics, where you learn about the components needed to start your business. For example, you learn about product sourcing, how to get the best suppliers, and how MPSH tools can help you do these things.

Module 1: The Market Place Mindset (with 7 Videos)
  • How to approach Amazon FBA business, what and what not to do
  • What Amazon FBA business is and is not
  • How to get the most out of Marketplace Superheroes
Module 2: The Search Phase (with nine videos)
  • Product research strategy
  • How to use MPSH tools for product analysis
  • The most effective strategy for product research
Module 3: The Shortlist Phase (with six videos)
  • How to filter products
  • How to find high-demand/converting products
Module 4: The Select Phase I (with five videos)
  • Best product selection opportunities
  • How to select a product for your business
Module 5: The Select Phase II (with seven videos)
  • How to dig deeper into the market
  • How to look for the best suppliers of the selected products
Module 6: Source Phase (with 11 videos)
  • More on how to find great suppliers
  • How to place a sample order
  • Negotiation strategies

Phase 2: The Importation and Logistics Phase

Phase two of the MPSH training is where you learn everything you need to know about the business’s importing and logistics sides.

Module 7: Product Structure and Seller Central Phase (with 68 videos)
  • The specifics of running an online business
  • How to open a seller account
  • How to restructure your business
Module 8: Purchasing and Importation module (with seven videos)
  • Product purchase
  • Product importation
Module 9: FBA Roadmap (with five videos)
  • The labeling requirements of FBA
  • The rules and conditional requirements to be met at the Amazon Seller Central
  • Other related information
Module 10: The Listing Optimization Phase (with nine videos)
  • How to create a high-converting product listing
Module 11: Account Management Module (with 13 videos)
  • The management of your Amazon business account daily
Module 12: International Expansion
  • How to expand your Amazon business to the international platform

These two-phased, 12-moduled MPSH Core 2.0 program is a combination of everything an Amazon seller needs. By following all these steps, you increase your chance of becoming a successful Amazon seller.

Additional/Bonus Modules

The MPSH bonus modules have supplemental materials that introduce and teach you how to handle the complexity associated with Amazon FBA businesses. The Bonus modules include;

Fuel Your Empire

This lesson shows you how to search for great products listed on Amazon quickly. It is easy to understand because you follow Stephen and Robert as they look for products on Amazon. Fuel your empire comes in two series known as;

  • God Series A: 3-packed videos to teach you how to streamline and hasten your product search process.
  • God Series M: 3-packed videos on Amazon Market Analysis

Invincible Importing

It helps you master the art of product importation. You’ll learn how to do it with ease.

$1k/Day Roadmap

This module challenges you to the goal of making $1k per day and teaches you how to do it.

30-min Legendary Listings

This module shows you the technique of creating an auto-selling and high-converting Amazon listing system.

Superhero Sprint

This module offers you the following:

  • Recoding from previous boot camps
  • Upsell post signup ads
  • MPSH team follow-up to encourage you and propels you to more exceptional achievements

Long-term Thinking

You’ll get to know what you need to do to grow your business and build it to stability for a long-term basis.

Marketplace Superheroes Strategies

The entire MPSH course centers on two primary strategies namely;

  • Product selection, and
  • International Expansion

Production selection strategy encompasses reliable techniques for product research and selection, the type of product to sell, how to identify the product, and how to filter them for the bestselling opportunity.

If you want to get something outside of the US market, the international expansion strategy shows how you can build your business to penetrate the global market. It is suitable for anyone who wants to run a global online business.

MPSH Software—4S Product Gauntlet

In addition to the over 90 videos, MPSH comes with dedicated software that helps you understand the elements involved in getting product quality which is product;

  • Search
  • Shortlist
  • Select, and
  • Source

The software got its naming from these 4S’s it does for you. It’s easy to use and simplifies the product search process until you have the bestselling, high-converting products you need.

MPSH Community

marketplace superheroes inside

The MPSH Community is the crown over all the awesomeness of the course has to offer. Marketplace Superheroes boast of over 4,000 members. Therefore, as a new member, you’ll find yourself in the company of veterans from whom you will get to learn a lot.

The community is necessary for you when you take the course. You’ll get to surround yourself with those who are meeting targets and setting landmarks. That way, you get motivated towards achieving your goals as well.

The founder of the MPSH program also comes on to give pep talks and host boot camps at intervals. You will have your questions answered and find a solution to whatever problem you are facing.


As the third-party selling space on Amazon gets congested by the day, to survive, build a unique business, and stand out in the market place, there is a need for you to have a unique strategy. You can search for a unique plan on your own or use alternatives that save you the stress and time.

Marketplace Superhero is one such alternative. You get the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry, veterans who have grown to understand how the system works. They are willing to let you know how to do things in exchange for a small lifetime subscription fee. With what MPSH has to offer, you get more than the value for the money.

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