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LESSON 1 – Persuasion For Salesexpand

We do not refer to ‘sales pitches’ or ‘sales presentations’ – it is a sales conversation. The reason for this is that we need to understand the customers overall point of view. Here we learn to make this happen through persuasion.

LESSON 2 – Rapport 1expand

This aspect of the course delves into the various levels of rapport needed to close a sale. It’s not about manipulation but about taking a genuine interest in the customer. The instructor demonstrates the importance of pacing before leading as well as how to calibrate a sales conversation, proving instrumental in closing the sale.

LESSON 3 – Rapport 2expand

This section focuses on the idea that ‘we cannot not communicate’. Everything the customer does no matter how seemingly insignificant, conveys information that can be useful in a sales conversation. This module highlights what exactly students should be looking out for as communication is not limited to verbal responses but also body language and physiology.

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