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Do you think the digital, online world is going to continue to grow? Do you think more people will spend more funds online? Do you want to be involved personally or professionally? Then this programme is aimed at you and all who appreciate one simple fact, that the digital world will continue to grow and create opportunities for all of those willing to learn today. This course equips the user with the skills they need to generate revenues online. Register now to learn the skills you need to succeed.

LESSON 1 – Online Fundamentals – The Start Of Your Successexpand
calendarMonday, 28 Aug 18:00 PM GMT
To kick start the course, we examine a case study of a successful online business and we will show you exactly how to do the same. You will understand lead generation, how to build your customer database and we will show you how to generate conversions, so you can enjoy real profit and success from the start.


LESSON 2 – Target Audience – Who Is Your Customerexpand
calendarWednesday, 30 Aug 18:00 PM GMT
Do you know exactly who your customer is? Do you know how much it costs you to acquire that customer? Do you understand how much each customer is worth to you? First and foremost, it is essential that you understand this. In this lesson, you will learn the basics of unit economics and profitable trading.

LESSON 3 – Google PPC & SEO – Acquiring The Right Leads For Lessexpand
calendarMonday, 04 Sep 18:00 PM GMT
PPC allows you to bid on particular words relating to your offering. What counts isn’t so much the bidding, but rather, the tracking. You will learn how to bid for keywords and track your success. Have you ever wanted to know how to be found when a customer searches for you? In this lesson, you will gain the skills to be found by the customer, both organically and paid.

LESSON 4 – Affiliate Marketing – Developing Strategic Partnerships Onlineexpand
calendarWednesday, 06 Sep 18:00 PM GMT
Affiliate Marketing when approached with a compelling proposition can be incredibly successful and can allow for incredible growth without the need for upfront marketing spends. In this lesson, we will show you how to fully optimise these powerful symbiotic online relationships. We will show you how to generate leads in large numbers and turn them into paying customers.

LESSON 5 – Facebook – Targeted Advertising For Lead Generationexpand
calendarMonday, 11 Sep 18:00 PM GMT
Do you want to understand how to get and keep the right customers? In this lesson, we are going to show you how to target your audience for lead generation. You will learn how to create content and get that content in front of the right audience so as to drive conversions. Most importantly we will show you how to track your successes.

LESSON 6 – Sales Funnel – Nurturing Your Leadsexpand
calendarWednesday, 13 Sep 18:00 PM GMT
Getting traffic and subsequent leads is great but what then? You need to understand your sales funnel. Do you know what percentage of customers you lose on each stage of your sales funnel? One of the biggest mistakes any business can make is to focus too much energy and resources on segments who simply will not buy. Once you find the right audience you must then focus on showing them the problem you solve efficiently. This is where nurturing comes to the fore. Here you will be shown how to build trust, add value and monetise/convert your user base in a fun and exciting way.

LESSON 7 – Data Driven Marketing And Sales – Maximum Returnexpand
calendarMonday, 18 Sep 18:00 PM GMT
In this lesson, you will gain the skills to gather data and understand how to use data to drive sales forward. Every success we have needs to be measured with data. There is a lot to understand with digital marketing but the good news is, numbers don’t lie. Understand how to easily and effectively manage your most crucial data will be the key to your success.

LESSON 8 – Strategy – Retention And Recurring Revenueexpand
calendarWednesday, 20 Sep 18:00 PM GMT
In digital marketing it is absolutely crucial that you have a clear and concise strategy. In this lesson, we will show you how to put it all together. Our focus will then shift to your post sales cycle and how to keep the customer coming back again and again. The customer becomes really profitable, when they stay with you for weeks, months and years. They will only do so, as long as you do a brilliant job.

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